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Working on buildings, emptied db for changes to take affect
Grindfield 0.5a
-Go Grind has recieved a lot of changes. Too many to list so check it out.
-Tavern prices balanced more so grinding for exp is much cheaper.
-Organic, Metallic, Radioactive, and Darkmatter materials can be found. Higher levels find more.
-Kingdom buildings to be added for bonuses and other functionality will be upgradable with materials.

sRTS Update 0.5a Game flow Nerf
-Update required all date to be reset, so your account was erased if you had one. Hope you enjoy the changes!
-Adjusted additional cost per Quests/Contracts to 10% of total experience where it was intended, instead of only 1%.
-Adjusted Adventurer's Experience bonus down to a tenth of a percent. One percent got crazy.
-Reduced Level-up exponent to 200,000 instead of 2,000,000 exp
-Added a Grind 10 Mobs and Grind 100 Mobs buttons
-Lowered base cost of Quests and Contracts by a lot to 5,000 gold for Level 1. 10,000 for level 2 etc..
-Increased Quest/Contract purchase cap to 1000 from 100.

0.4a Fixes Etc.
-Finished The Tavern for buying more quests and contracts instead of waiting.
-Added ability to upgrade Adventurer's Level which adds a multiplier to rewards and restrictions.
-Considering restricting Attacking until Adventurer Level 3, but not yet. Steal away!

Update 0.4a Go Grind!
-Database tables were emptied so every new register will be the same, sorry Alpha testers :)
-Players may now Go Grind Quests and Mobs for Resources and Adventurer's Experience.
-Before you can do quests, first you need to grind mobs to earn enough experience and be worthy of quests.
-After collecting enough Experience you will be able to upgrade your Adventurer's Level, which multiplies everything (almost).
-Quests will provide you with massive quantities of Gold and Food, after a time of grinding mobs of course.
-Grinding more Quests or Mobs at a time will increase the rewards greatly.
-You can purchase Quests and Mob kill-contracts at the tavern for Gold or Diamonds.
-Start with 50 Mob kill-contracts
-1 mob at a time button unlocked at 0 Adventurer's Experience
-5 mob at a time button unlocked at 1,000 Adventurer's Experience
-1 Quest at a time button unlocked at 1,000 Adventurer's Experience
-5 Quests at a time button unlocked at 10,000 Adventurer's Experience
-10 Quests at a time button unlocked at 100,000 Adventurer's Experience
-On screen tally of Quests/Mobs completed/killed to be added to Rankings page
-Nevermind. Tavern is 1/2 complete. Will sell Quests/Contracts for gold.
-Anyone testing this game is invited to join me in my forums, after you login the link is on the left: Dev_Forum

Update 0.3a Diamonds in the Mines
-There is a second mine now that introduces a higher cost per use function.
-Both mines have a chance to land you some diamonds, rewards based on how many turns used.
-Diamonds spending still on hold until I can think of proper uses.
-Added Return to the Mines button after each use.
Update 0.2a The Mines
-The Mines page has been added.
-There is currently one mine.
-User turns in exchange for gold in The Mines.

Update 0.1a Tools
-Tools page has been added.
-Two new tools the Trowel for your farmers and Pickaxe for your workers.
-Tools cost 1,000 + #tools owned. So if you own 10 Trowels, the next one will cost 1010g.
-Update truncates all data, testers must re-register.